About us

Founded in 2015, SPG Innovation sits at the interface of academia, innovators and industry, specialising in sustainable nutrition, accelerating ideas and concepts into revenue-generating businesses, supporting the entire commercial journey of a product from R&D through to market launch.


Our story

A vastly experienced team, SPG Innovation combines expert consultancy with exceptional knowledge of every stage of product development across the food, life sciences and agritech sectors, enabling you to grow current and future revenue streams. The company works with innovators and academics on early-stage ideas, taking projects from pure ideas or ‘once in the lab’ to a market-ready product or concept supporting all aspects of a business’ commercial journey, removing the associated risks and ensuring time efficiency at every stage.

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What we do

We specialise in innovative solutions to develop a sustainable future by meeting today's needs whilst simultaneously protecting the environment and resources for the future. We closely follow healthy trends of today and develop solutions which are positive for the future of the planet.

Specialists in product development, grant writing, emerging and novel foods, the team offer a wide range of support at every stage of a product journey from securing funding to scaling a product for market - SPG Innovation can work with you at whatever stage you need.

Established by Dr Sarah Gaunt, SPG Innovation started as a consultancy, offering expert advice and providing integrated support to the food and life sciences sector in commercialising innovative early-stage ideas.

An expert and seasoned professional in taking ideas from concept to commercial reality, Sarah identified an opportunity in the UK market to harness the creativity that exists alongside ground-breaking research which is emerging from Academic groups and innovators in the private sector, and convert those concepts into real-world commercial applications. Today SPG Innovation is multi-dimensional, with the consultancy arm of the business continuing to thrive, complemented by a product development arm and other commercial services. The company has grown to include a small team of scientists who have expertise in life sciences, agritech and food development, as well as exceptional knowledge of novel foods and full visibility of the supply chain. In addition, SPG Innovation has its own food grade facility in Nottingham Science and Technology Park, equipped with a range of formulation, application development and analysis equipment enabling high-quality research and product development.

Company Interests

We are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food and creating products which always have a positive impact on the environment.
We are currently working on projects in the following areas:

  • Plant-based Products
  • Use of Underutilised Crops
  • Sodium Reduction
  • Waste Valorisation
  • Alternative Proteins

But our interests are much wider and we welcome conversations and collaborations across a broader range of topics, in addition to the above:

  • Biodiversity
  • Meat-Free Options
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Ethical Meat Sources
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Human Nutrition
  • Whole body (skin, hair, digestive system…)
  • Delivering Nutrition to lower income families
  • Functional Ingredients
  • Sustainable diets.