Oxford Healthtech Limited

Oxford Healthtech Ltd (OHL) is a small and highly ambitious team of scientists and engineers developing a novel...



Client: Oxford Healthtech Limited

Services: Grant Application Review

Oxford Healthtech Ltd (OHL) is a small and highly ambitious team of scientists and engineers developing a novel compression pressure monitoring sensor for the venous leg ulcer management market.

We worked with the OHL team at the start of 2021 to review and edit their Innovate UK industrial research project application, to ensure that it met the competition guidelines and achieved the standard of quality required for success. This work led to OHL securing £176,000 in funding.


"We have enjoyed working with SPG Innovation to successfully deliver our Innovate UK grant funded projects. Their management methods, organisation, technical knowledge and attention to detail alleviated administrative burden and ensured that we met all of Innovate UK’s administration requirements. This, along with the grant funding that they helped us to secure, has enabled our team to focus on delivering our project work packages to accelerate the development of our ground breaking di-block technology."

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"We found working with SPG Innovation extremely useful during the grant process. Their highly skilled, professional and friendly approach made the journey enjoyable and led to success. We strongly recommend using SPG Innovation to fine tune your Innovate UK grant application to ensure that all critical requirements are appropriately addressed."

Oxford Healthtech Limited

"The support provided by SPG Innovation made the project management of our Innovate UK project run much more smoothly and achieve its goals. The team at SPG Innovation were professional and great to work with."


"SPG Innovation supported us to navigate the funding landscape in order to deliver proof of concept projects for our innovative technologies. Working with them made the grant writing and project delivery much easier."