Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to support you through every stage of your commercialisation journey.



From our food grade facility in Nottingham Science and Technology Park, we are able to implement essential and necessary research and development work on any product or service, either one we develop with you or one you develop elsewhere. Our state-of-the-art facilities include the latest technologies and practices to provide efficient and detailed research and enable quality development.

Technical Project Management

By successfully securing grants we can continue to support you through technical project management. We have Prince-2 qualified project managers in our team, but more importantly we have a strong technical knowledgebase which supports your project alongside intimate knowledge of the administration of many of the grant schemes. This enables your project to run as smoothly as possible with as little disruption to business as normal for our clients.


As experts in food and life sciences and agritech we can advise and support on all aspects of your business from project managing, to safeguarding Intellectual Property, bid and grant writing to helping develop ideas into commercial reality. Working across the whole spectrum we are able to provide professional support based on experience and knowledge.

Commercialisation Partners

We work with early-stage innovators on longer-term projects to take products from ‘once in the lab’ to a proof of concept then full commercialisation, supporting them along the complete product journey. We can do this as a service provider or as partner.

We aim to reduce the risks associated with early-stage product development by working in partnership rather than as a paid for service. This offers a shared risks/benefits model which makes us unique in our approach. We enable small innovators to access the market sooner but also enable larger businesses to develop ideas which may not be core business but could add value to their overall approach without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Concept Generation

Through our experience of taking products to market we have developed expertise in augmenting original ideas and concepts to enable them to become commercial reality. We are highly ambitious with a vision to develop a pipeline of commercial products. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for new project ideas to develop on our own or via a collaboration.

One area of particular interest is waste valorisation; we have multiple projects which utilise industry by-products in new and innovative ways and we are keen to explore this further. For partners not wanting to share their development journey, to safeguard their IP, we also offer our support in this area as a service provider.

Regulatory Services

We are extremely knowledgeable in food regulations due to our experience of taking innovative foods to market. We have particular expertise in the preparation of dossiers for novel foods’ submissions and we were instrumental in the recent submissions to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) for CBD products.

We have an excellent working relationship with the regulatory body and can support all the requirements of your project in this area.

Our collaboration with Global Regulatory Services (GRS) also means that we have access to regulatory expertise across the globe in all sectors of life sciences.

Product Development

In our food grade facility in Nottingham, we have the expertise and capabilities to support product development in food. Capabilities include extrusion, popping and texturization of proteins. Our team has wide-ranging expertise in food and consumer goods from early-stage development through formulation to scale-up manufacture and ultimately translation into factory. Alongside these skills and knowledge, we also have the regulatory expertise to accompany this journey for you, ensuring all products reach the market compliant with regulatory standards in place.

Grant Writing & Reviews

Our team has a long history of securing and managing successful grant-funded projects. We have trained grant writers and Prince 2 qualified project managers with a broad technical background. We aim to accompany you on your development journey and bring in the right levels of funding at the appropriate time, supporting you with the execution and delivery of the project.

We also offer a one-to-two day grant review service where we act in the role of assessor to maximise your chance of success.  Our robust and hugely successful grant review service has enabled several of our clients to secure appropriate funding for their own development projects.

Early-Stage Development

We can work with you on your initial ideas for a product and help develop and shape the idea into a bona fide commercial application applying our expertise and extensive knowledge in this area, ensuring the end result can succeed in market. From our fully equipped food grade facility in Nottingham Science and Technology Park, our team will work with you to augment your idea into a market-ready product.


"We have enjoyed working with SPG Innovation to successfully deliver our Innovate UK grant funded projects. Their management methods, organisation, technical knowledge and attention to detail alleviated administrative burden and ensured that we met all of Innovate UK’s administration requirements. This, along with the grant funding that they helped us to secure, has enabled our team to focus on delivering our project work packages to accelerate the development of our ground breaking di-block technology."

Interface Polymers Ltd

"We found working with SPG Innovation extremely useful during the grant process. Their highly skilled, professional and friendly approach made the journey enjoyable and led to success. We strongly recommend using SPG Innovation to fine tune your Innovate UK grant application to ensure that all critical requirements are appropriately addressed."

Oxford Healthtech Limited

"The support provided by SPG Innovation made the project management of our Innovate UK project run much more smoothly and achieve its goals. The team at SPG Innovation were professional and great to work with."


"SPG Innovation supported us to navigate the funding landscape in order to deliver proof of concept projects for our innovative technologies. Working with them made the grant writing and project delivery much easier."