Dani Bali

Placement Student


Devyani joined SPG in 2022 as a placement student while completing her second master’s degree from University of Greenwich. She graduated with a MSc in Gastronomy from Queen Margaret University in 2020 and a BSc (Hons) in Baking Technology Management from London South Bank University in 2019. Devyani also volunteers at IFST’s Food Innovation and Packaging group. 

During her BSc, Devyani completed two internships, at Harrods and the Ritz. Working on their Christmas range and afternoon tea sparked her interest in product development and inspired her final practical exam.  Devyani’s master’s degree allowed her to further explore: sustainability, vegan products – high in fibre and protein along with drafting and reviewing QMS compliant with BRC standards. Her field of interests include food safety, food legislation, auditing, ingredient functionality and interaction, research and development, and innovative product development. 

Devyani has successfully completed her research projects in the following areas: Failure analysis and business model development, Anaphylaxis and its impacts, and sustainable diets. 

At SPG Innovation, Devyani is involved in researching concepts and experimental planning.